My first ice cream.

UpStripe connects companies with experts so they can fix software issues, outsource skills they don’t have, accelerate projects and grow their business faster.

UpStripe was born out of founder Dan Marconetto’s own experience and frustrations whilst helping US tech companies to expand into Europe and running agencies. When it came to software, Dan couldn’t get the help and support he needed when he needed it, Dan explains,  “We wasted time, we made a bunch of mistakes and we weren’t able to grow as quickly as we would have liked. Over the years we started working with experts and our results improved dramatically, which for us meant more leads, more opportunities and more business. I then had the idea to offer this service out to other companies and created a marketplace".

With UpStripe, businesses can connect with highly skilled software experts and get the help they need, when they need it. All of the experts on UpStripe have been carefully vetted so businesses can rest assured that they’re working with a provider who truly understands the software they need help with.

UpStripe for Good

Our Corporate Social Responsibility is our proactive approach to ethics, morals, and giving back. Not only to our shareholders and staff, but also to the environment and society. We believe in taking ownership as a rising technology startup within an exponentially growing industry by contributing to the well-being and growth of those around us. Always flying the flag for equity, diversity, inclusion and sustainability.